A guide on the gems of the Clash of Clans

Clash of Clan is one of the most played and popular game. In the game of clash of the clan you will be given a village and you will have to build it with the help of various items present in the Clash of Clan catalog. After you build a village properly you will have to take part in various clan wars and raid other villages for looting more resources.

In this game, there are resources like gems which are considered to be very much vital as it can fasten up the upgrading procedure, exchange the gems for getting elixir or gold and many more. Hence getting these gems are quite difficult but in the beginning, you will get many options as well as you will start the game with a given number of gems but in the later stage, you will have to grow them yourself.

Ways of acquiring the gems

Buy the gems: Buying the gems is the fastest way of securing it but it will cost you real cash. If you are a total addict or love this game then you can drop some of your money for showing your interest or support. The entire game is free to play but gems play a major role in this game so dropping some bucks is worth it. There are many websites from where you can also generate free gems but try to opt for a website that is completely genuine. Do not provide any personal information as it can lead to fraudulent activities.

Obstacles: If you can remove the obstacles then it will credit you with some gems. Obstacles like trimming or cutting the bushes or removing the tree or others unwanted object which will be visible on the base. The major goal is to keep the base or lawn clean and for that, you will get some gems. While cleaning the lawn you will find a gem box. If you can clear this gem box then it will help you in getting a whopping number of 25 gems for free. As this gem box will appear randomly so you will have to wait patiently. These obstacles will only appear if the lawn has any free spaces.

Achievements: Whenever you will complete any achievement you will be rewarded with some gems. But it is quite difficult for anyone to acquire these achievements because these are the levels that you will have to complete by performing various tasks. There are many achievements where you will get the gems for completing every level.

Achievements available in the game


Get the goblins: There are many chances that you will neglect the levels of single player. But when you will complete the level for single player you will hit the upper levels of getting the gems.

Clean and tidy: For removing every obstacle you will get some gems in return so it is a double win.

Union buster: Whenever you will destroy the builder’s hut you will get this achievement. So when you will be raiding any village make sure you are keeping at least one barb or archer near the builders hut for earning these points.

Sweet victory: The third part of the achievement will take 1250 trophies. For getting a such number of trophies all you have to do is protect the town hall and keep raiding other villages.

League All-Star: You will complete the beginner’s level when you can get the Crystal League that will require 2000 trophies. It will get you 250 gems.

As getting the gems in this game is quite hard and so it is recommended to not spend this gems unnecessarily unless you know how to hack clash of clans. Do not worry about the gem count and keep raiding other villages and you will see that the gem is increasing in the count.

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