Hay Day: 5 hacks to speed up your progress

After the launch of Farmville in 2009, many developers have tried to cash in on the virtual farming craze with their farming games. But after its release in 2013, Supercell’s Hay Day has held the coveted spot of being everyone’s favorite farming game till now. And why not? In addition to the stunning graphical presentation and smooth controls, Hay Day goes beyond farming and allows its players to build a town and also maintain a dock. It is free-to-play and available on both Android and iOs platforms. However, the freemium aspect of the game tends to slow down progress, especially if you don’t want to spend real money on the game. That’s why I have curated a list of Hay Day hacks which should allow you to progress faster in the game without spending a dime.

The five Hay Day hacks are as follows:

Grab free diamonds:

This Hay Day hack suggests a few ways through which you can get free diamonds on the game

The easiest way to get free diamonds is by logging into Hay Day with Facebook which rewards the player with five diamonds. The player receives another extra diamond for liking their page on Facebook.

Every time a player goes up a level, he is rewarded with 1-2 diamonds.

The player receives diamonds for every Hay Day achievement he completes.

Sometimes a player may find diamonds in big red mystery boxes, so keep an eye out for them.

A player can get tons of diamonds through mining on reaching level 24.

Watching a 30-second trailer for another app also rewards the player with extra diamonds.

Look for treasure:

A player can find treasure by looking for a toolbox on someone else’s farm. The toolbox can be opened by tapping anywhere on the screen, except the x button. Next, he needs to go to another farm and find the same toolbox. If it’s unlocked, he can collect whatever is inside. On returning to his farm, he should find all the tools available in his toolbox. If the process doesn’t work and the toolbox is still locked, the process needs to be repeated. For this Hay Day hack to work, you may need to repeat the process at least 20 times.

Sell items in the Roadside Shop:

Don’t hesitate to say no to visitors who come to your farm to buy a product as they don’t want to pay a premium for them. Instead of selling items to visitors, sell them on the Roadside Shop as it will fetch you more coins. Placing an ad in the newspaper allows for a faster sale.

Take part in special events:

Special events are fairly regular on Hay Day and participating in them is a great way of earning bonus points or coins.

Help thy neighbors:

Helping other players rewards you with thank you cards which can be traded for mystery gifts later.

The most important Hay Day cheats are that you play the game every day and as often as you can to level up faster. Virtual farming can sometimes seem tedious and a time-consuming job but you can use these tips to make your work easy and speed up your progress.

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